Ah 2021, I welcome you with open arms! Don’t get me wrong- there were many great things about 2020, but ultimately I’m ready to move forward.

This is a new year, and with this year, comes a new way of living for me. My family and I have happily welcomed our new daughter, Lily, into the world- and within the last few month, we have had a few bumps in the road,(postpartum preeclampsia, covid, tongue tied, milk protein allergy just to name a few ) but I am finally ready to start getting back into the swing of things. Here comes the hard part- the juggling act of being a motivated and hardworking business woman vs. being a calm, level headed mom, and devoted wife. There is only so much time and energy to go around, and to all parents that have been doing this dance for years, I applaud you. I have FINALLY opened up my laptop that I bought a couple of years ago so that I can work on my business while baby sleeps. That brings me to right now!

While I’ve spent the last few years around many expectant and new mothers, I have definitely forgotten how much of a whirlwind you are in during those first few months. If this is your first, you are learning how to mom, and trying to remember to love yourself after your body has been through a pretty darn traumatic experience. You are scared, sleep deprived, probably covered in spit up, and may or may not have showered in a few days. If this is a second, third, or tenth baby, you are learning how to give equal attention to all of your children, may be feeling guilty for not being able to all the time- still sleep deprived, and haven’t showered, finally drinking that cup of coffee that you’ve had to reheat 3 times, or finally able to sit down and eat your dinner at 9 pm. I see you. I’m right there!

Right about now, at 3 months postpartum, is when many moms return to work. How do we transition from just having to wake up, shower, get out the door, go to work, be a star employee, get out of work, meet up with friends, go home and sleep, and do it all over again the following day, to adding in little humans that need all of those things too! How can we ever take less than three hours to leave the house. (Asking for a friend; just kidding that friend is me.)

I totally went off the deep end on this topic, but- my point is that since having a new baby, I have a much deeper understanding and empathy for my clients that are expecting, or have new babies themselves. I know they are stressed, tired, hungry, and messy….but its for such a short while, and I can attest that even though it seems life will never feel like its balanced again-it will.

Put on some makeup, do your hair, and let me take some beautiful photos of you and your precious children. Capture this time, though it is messy, and you might not feel beautiful, I PROMISE you that you are. You and your children will love to look back on these photos. I am here going through all of those feelings with you. This is my last baby and I had to force myself to get it together, but I couldn’t be any happier that I did.