My how the time has flown! How can it be that your precious little baby is no longer needing to be tucked in at night? They are too old to get picked up- heck they are driving!

It seems like just yesterday you were cutting up their hot dogs into tiny pieces, or packing their lunches for school and today they are cooking and preparing their own!

Your baby has turned into a mini adult in the blink of an eye and now you’re about to send them out into the world, with prayers that you set them up with the skills that are necessary to live a successful, and happy life! You hope that they will make smart decisions, and stay safe, all while enjoying all that their late teens and early twenties have to offer.

All of your older relatives and friends told you this day would come, but you weren’t prepared for it to actually be now.

This pivotal moment in time is here and now, and it needs to be documented.

Last week I took these portraits of my niece, and when I looked through them later that night, I teared up. When I first met her, she was this tiny, cute little girl – but now she has developed into a stunning, bright, kind, talented and driven young woman.

She was definitely feeling a little nervous about having these portraits done. For so many, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable to get in front of the camera, and smile, twirl, and give that fierce stare right into the lens. Once we both warmed up it was smooth sailing. This girl nailed every pose. Her outfit choices showcased her personality and interests, which helped to make her images really capture the essence of who she is right now. Senior portrait sessions are more than just a few snap shots.

It’s an opportunity to preserve this this time in their lives, and let their personality shine- and boy- it shined so bright with this one that I could have used some sunglasses on the overcast day.