Join me, Breanna, and my studio partner, Aimee once again as we kick off our 2023 Limited Edition Sessions at our studio in West Warwick! We have such a great year lined up, but to start- we want to bring things “Back to Basics”.

We love this idea because we are providing classic, timeless portraits that you can hang up on your walls and KEEP them up all year long. We enjoy themed sessions as much as anyone else, but this year, we want people to have a laid back experience, and modern – yet timeless look of black and white portraits.

Reccomended in black and white, but available in color, these sessions will allow your family’s true essence to shine. Kids can be their silly selves, clothing can be comfortable, and no shoes are required.

Well behaved pets may be permitted per the discretion of my partner and I.

These 20 minute sessions give families and children ample time to warm up without the stress of having to choose “the perfect outfit”. These are meant to be casual- hair doesn’t need to be perfect. Life is hectic and sometimes messy, so this is your chance to let a little bit of that perfect imperfectness of your family peek out just a little.



Book your Limited Edition Back to Basics session here!


Poses will be done on black and white backdrops, and will consist of a variation of full family, as well as smaller combinations. This will give your family a great variety of images to choose from, as sometimes 3 images aren’t enough for certain families. Clients are able to purchase additional images if they wish to expand their collection and just cannot part with the beautiful images of their family.

Because we want these portraits to maintain their timeless, classic, but modern vibe- we suggest going with lightly colored neutrals. If you are wearing jeans, opt for a lighter wash. We like solid colors because they tend to be less distracting, as we want to avoid taking away from the main subjects ( your family ) . The idea is that we don’t want to notice your clothing before we notice you! You can always win with the traditional white shirts and jeans, or you can mix and match complimenting textures and tones for an even more organic look.

We are so excited to see how these turn out!