Cake Smash Session Tips

West Warick Photographer

Your baby has almost made it an entire loop around the sun; It’s time to celebrate! 

Cake Smash sessions are all the rage these days! It’s so exciting to have a custom set designed, and see your little miracle react to what is most likely their first time eating sweets! I have compiled a few tips to help the session run as smoothly as possible!

When we book a cake smash together, I generally suggest that we book it for when baby is 10.5-11 months old or 4-6 weeks before their actual birthday. This ensures that you will get their images back before in time to make prints for their party, or just to post it on social media. I also hope to catch them before they have started walking, which can make the session a bit more challenging. I have had some walkers for their smash sessions, and we are absolutely able to get some amazing images, but both parents and myself are quite tuckered out by the end.

I like to book the session around baby’s nap and meals. There’s a good chance that your child will not appreciate being stuck in front of a big light, a stranger and a camera when they are tired and hungry, so we plan the session for right after a nap, and after a bottle or breakfast/lunch.

The day of the session

There are several things that we can do to help baby have fun and feel more comfortable in my studio. I have many toys and distractions that can get their attention if they aren’t feeling very outgoing right away! It’s important to keep the amount of people you bring with you to a minimum, as babies can easily get overwhelmed and not know who to look at during their session. Although, if there is a specific family member who ALWAYS gets a smile out of your child, please bring them along!

Parents – take it from me – you are going to want a change of clothes for yourself. During the cake smash, you will be continuously picking baby up and placing them back into position near the cake. They will inevitably be covered in frosting, so you will too! Most babies will crawl up to their parents periodically during their smash for comfort and cuddles, so having something to change into after can be helpful!

Session Checklist

  • Change of clothes for baby and parents
  • Towel
  • Bottle
  • Cup of water
  • Puffs
  • Favorite Toy
  • Extra wipes
  • Any items that you would like to add into the set
  • Comb

If you stick to most of my suggestions, it will set the stage for us to hopefully have a successful cake smash session!