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Throughout my years of experience as a family portrait photographer, I have learned some helpful tricks to keep everything flowing smoothly throughout the session. Here are some common questions I get often, and their answers. If you have any additional questions, get in touch! I’d love to hear about your vision for your session.

When should I book if I don’t know when baby will arrive?

The ideal time to book your newborn session is in the second or third trimester. I only take a small number of newborns each month to allow for proper sanitation and flexibility for new parents to select a date once baby arrives. When you sign your contract and pay your deposit at the time of booking, your due date goes into my calendar and I put you in for a “soft booking” date that is subject to change based on when baby arrives! When he or she makes their debut, just send a quick text ( photos welcome ) letting me know, and I can adjust my schedule to fit you in when it works best for all of us!

How do I book?

Get in touch with me by filling out my contact form below. I will reach out via email or text to talk about more details. To book, I require a $100 downpayment and contract signature.

Do I need to bring my own outfits / wraps for baby?

Heck no! I have so many different items, your head will spin! I have almost every shade of color you could ask for, and if not- I will most likely go out and buy it! All of our props are specifically created and designed for newborn photography, and made to fit newborns perfectly. The fabrics are usually hand-made or hand dyed by artisans throughout the United States and beyond. If you do have any sentimental items that you would like me to incorporate into our session, I just ask that you send me a picture, and let me know, that way I can work it into my sets and remain true to my aesthetic.

What do I need to bring to my session the day of?

Since I supply all of the props, all you need to bring is baby, and extra food and diapers! I also ask that you bring a pacifier if you are using one to help soothe the baby through posing transitions. Occasionally, our session could fall on a cluster feeding day, and baby may be looking to snack more than usual.

What if my baby takes longer to fall asleep?

Don’t worry; I’ve got this. Yes, some babies may take much longer to sleep than others. Some babies are having tummy troubles, and some just aren’t feeling sleepy right away. It’s completely normal, and I am prepared and patient. I will take whatever time is needed to get them to sleep, and get beautiful images. Rarely, some babies may be very difficult to settle, and if they are still having a hard time after a good length of time, I may decide to have you come back in a few days and try again, but that happens very rarely.

What if I want more images than my package includes?

If you decide that you love more images than what was include in your package, and would like to purchase additional, you are able to do so once your viewing gallery is available!

When is the best time to schedule a maternity session?

I recommend scheduling a maternity session between the 28th – 32nd week of pregnancy. Every woman is different, but I find that date range is when most of my clients’ baby bumps are a great size for portraits, yet my clients still are still comfortable enough to move around in the different poses.

When do clients choose which gown they’d like to wear?

As long as the timeline allows for it, I like my maternity clients to come into my studio a few weeks before their session to check out the gowns, try them on, and talk about the vision for their session.

What should clients do to prepare for the session?

I ask that if they get a spray tan, that they don’t wear underwear for the spray tan, because a lot of the lines will show through with certain gowns, and can be extremely hard to edit out. Additionally, I ask them to remove all chipped nail polish, and either put a clear coat on, or have them painted.

Should maternity clients plan on getting hair and makeup done the day of the session?

I strongly suggest getting hair and makeup professionally done. I think bridal style makeup applications works best for maternity.

What else should clients bring to their session?

I recommend bringing hair spray, lip color, chapstick, oil blotting sheets and lotion.

What’s the purpose of Milestone portraits?

Milestone Sessions fill in the gaps that are left between the newborn stage, and the first birthday. After all, a lot happens in those 12 months!

At what ages are Milestone Portraits taken?

Milestone Sessions happen at 4 months and 8 months.

What’s exciting at the 4 month mark?

At 4 months, an infant has much more head control and interacts much more than at 3 months, which is when most other photographers schedule sessions. That extra four weeks also gives babies who may have been born a bit before their due date to meet those milestones.

What’s going on at the 8 month mark?

At 8 months, the majority of infants I photograph are confidently sitting on their own, holding toys, and their little personalities are shining bright. For years, I photographed six month sessions but about 70% of the babies I worked with were not sitting up independently yet. My number one goal is safety so I feel it’s worth waiting that bit of extra time to make sure baby is strong enough to sit up without wobbling over.

How long does a Milestone Session last?

Milestone sessions last about one hour and the images can be combined with other sessions when designing albums.

What’s included in my session fee?


When should I book a First Birthday Session?

I typically advise my clients to book their child’s First Birthday & Cake Smash when their baby is right around 9 months old, so they have finished portraits back before the official birthday date.

How long does it take to get back finished images?

Up to 3 weeks.

Where do sessions take place?

At my West Warwick, RI Studio location. Click here for contact information.

Do you provide the cake?

I can! I can either provide the cake, or you’re welcome to bring one. We will discuss all of those details during the planning stage for the session.

Can I also get family portraits done?

Yes, I can add on a family portrait portion to the end of the session. This is for immediate family only.

What should I bring to my baby’s First Birthday Session?

I recommend bringing the following items to a cake smash session:

  • An outfit for the smash portion
  • Snacks for baby, to put on the back of the cake if they arent interested
  • Towel
  • Wipes
  • Clear juice or water
  • Change of clothes for parents, just in case
  • Favorite toy
  • Comb
  • Any items that you would like to add into our set

Should my baby taste cake prior to the session?

Yes, I highly recommend that you do a test run at home so your baby understands the task at hand. Many babies who have never seen, touched or tasted cake are unsure of what to do with it the first time they get the chance to dig in!

What happens after my baby is covered in cake?

We can add a Splash Session so your baby can play in some bubbles while getting cleaned off. You’ll get some cute tub-themed portraits!

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