So what does a newborn / children’s photographer do on our spare time? When we aren’t up to our eyeballs in editing, marketing, or bathing our children ( or any other parenting responsibilities)?

You may have guessed it…PROP SHOPPING!!

You see, we don’t always plan on shopping for props. Sometimes we are just looking to get a plant for our house- but we are certainly always eyeing items with critical and creative ideas and dreaming about what we can do with said items in our upcoming photo sessions.

We often find ourselves lost in the isles of Target, Home Goods, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby- wandering with no sense of direction, picking items up, inspecting sturdiness, and size of items.

These are our happy places- and where the wheels can start turning. When we go without any goal in mind, we can sometimes get ourselves into trouble, and we leave with carriages overflowing-but we know that we will be able to create something unique for our next client, to give them a personalized experience AND feed the artist in ourselves.

Most recently, I was searching for a statement piece for my daughters cake smash. I knew I wanted a boho theme, and so I went on the hunt. I came across this wall decoration, which now I know is called a wall basket- but I knew it was perfect! It would make a great focal point for her set, and conveniently enough-matches our relaxing boho vibe of our new studio!


It worked just as I had hoped, and now it is mostly hanging on our wall above our seating area. This week I pulled it down and tossed it into my newborn session to create this eye-catching set.

What I love about my job, is that I am constantly able to bring an artistic vision to life. Below, you can see how nicely it all tied together with this beautiful little baby girl!