Did you know?

~It’s been estimated that in the past 5 years, more photos have been taken than all the prior years combined. The sad part is that few of these photographs will survive beyond a year.

~JPGs deteriorate. Over time, as you open and close and duplicate the file, the quality of your original image, which is likely saved as a jpg by your camera or smart phone, will get worse. Print it while it’s at its prime. (I was totally mind blown by this)

~31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control. ~Over the years, the technology has changed so fast, that many photographs taken 6-7 years ago are stored on a type of media that is no longer supported. In 5 years or less, your DVD is going to be obsolete as will your USB drives. File types are going to change as well. And the technology of tomorrow may not support these “older” file types.

~Hanging photos of your children throughout your home is beneficial for your children’s self esteem. David Krauss, a licensed psychologist from Cleveland, Ohio says, “I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important part of that family unit. A photographer’s job is to create and make the image look like a safe holding space for kids where they are safe and protected. Kids get it on a really simple level.”


Needless to say, I had better start digging all of the photos I off of my hard drives and start sending them to my lab! If I’m going to preach, I will practice.