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Babies grow so quickly! In just a few short months, your little one changes from a tiny helpless newborn to a giggling, crawling, cruising baby. Milestone Sessions capture the intervals between the newborn and first year stages with some of the major developmental hallmarks of a baby’s first year: gaining full head control, smiling, and sitting up unassisted.

Traditionally, most photographers do milestone sessions at 3 and 6 months. Over years of experience, however, I’ve found that it’s best to do the portraits at 4 and 8 months.

At 4 months, an infant has much more head control and interacts much more than at 3 months. That extra four weeks also gives babies who may have been born a bit before their due date some time to meet those milestones.

At 8 months, the majority of infants I photograph are confidently sitting on their own, holding toys, and their little personalities are shining bright. For years, I photographed six month sessions but about 70% of the babies I worked with were not sitting up independently yet. My number one goal is safety so I feel it’s worth waiting that bit of extra time to make sure baby is strong enough to sit up without wobbling over.

The best part is that most of my Milestone clients were also Maternity and Newborn clients, and all those details I captured at the newborn session like those tiny toes, dimpled hands, and little legs are now changing into walking feet, confidently holding a block, and triumphantly supporting your baby as he or she stands next to a chair! It’s so exciting!

Sessions fee is $150 , last about up to an hour and the images can be combined with other sessions when designing albums. Click here to learn more about my print products, heirloom albums and wall art.

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