What a perfect name for a gorgeous girl! I truly love when parents give me a little room to play around with my creative side!

Mom told me that her name would be Daisy when we were booking, so naturally I planned on pulling out my daisy pillow, and fabric layer! She liked the idea of creams and greens!

When I book my newborn sessions, I always ask parents what colors they would like me to use! From there, I build on that and create custom sets that will compliment the baby, the family, and the rooms that the photos would be hung in. Still to this day, I haven’t had any two identical sets! (Partly due to my extreme prop addiction!)

Back to Daisy’s session:

The morning of, I went out to my garden, and picked many fresh daisies that were in bloom to create more texture in the set ups that I was planning! Everything came together wonderfully!

Miss Daisy was the perfect model! She slept like a dream, and went into every pose with ease!