Among the negative things that Covid has brought on so many, there are some really VERY exciting ones too!

This time last year, I closed my first studio due to a combination of Covid, and pregnancy. There was no one bringing their sweet babies to me amidst an evolving, worldwide pandemic. (rightfully so !) Couple a pandemic with pregnancy pains and sickness and you have yourself quite the conundrum for a budding business. Sadly, I closed my doors mid summer and accepted that things would be taking a few steps backward.

During that time, I found an old friend! She and I went to elementary school together, and both wound up falling in love with photographing everything that revolved around new babies! We share so many of the same ideas and goals ( and the same shopping addiction ) so naturally we decided to combine our gear and props and move in together!!

We finally found a space that fit ours, and our clients needs. We knew that we needed optimal storage for our ever growing collection of newborn photography swag, and we also wanted it to be an inviting and tranquil environment for us to sneak off to work. We wanted all of that for our clients too!

Since we have moved in, we’ve certainly put in some hours making this space exactly what we craved for so long (Aimee built our entire PAX system while I was on vacation- I promise I’m not a slacker lol )

We have so much more to do, (including the other part of our studio that is still currently under construction), but even now, THIS space is my home away from home. I bring my children HERE. I come HERE when I need some “me” time. It serves every purpose that was intended.

I am so blessed to be able to have such a wonderful space to share with such an amazing person, and so far, clients have loved coming here with their children as well.

I can’t wait to see where this business takes me, and how things will evolve within this next year.

I hope you all stick around to watch!