Sometimes we don’t always feel like we are at our best during pregnancy. Our clothes may not fit, we are uncomfortable, and sometimes a little (or a lot) swollen, but the truth is- this IS our best. We are growing life, creating the future, and making more people to love!

Our bodies and emotions are going through some extremely magnificent changes. You could say that we are super human!

Jennifer came into the studio a few weeks back. She was open to different poses and colors, so it sparked some inspiration! We did some back-lit sets, and some causal/ seated poses.

When women come into my studio, I want to create a fun, safe, and calming environment for them. This helps them to really feel comfortable with me, and allows me to help showcase their radiance.

I like to book these sessions when mamas are between 28 and 32 weeks pregnant (Give or take). This is because those sweet baby bumps are usually showing by then, AND hopefully women aren’t too uncomfortable and swollen yet. After 32 weeks, the posing can become increasingly difficult for mamas. ( I can attest to that!) I also offer a client closet, filled with high end gowns and fabrics! Upon booking, I invite mamas to come to the studio and try them on to see which ones fit into their vision!

Its’s safe to say that Jen totally rocked her session. She effortlessly went into every pose I put her into.