I have been SLEEPING on black and white portraits!

It’s not that I don’t like black and white, but I am just so obsessed with color, and accessories. In my last blog post I talked a little bit about how I enjoy styling sessions to bring a mom’s vision to life, but today- these black and whites of my beautiful daughter, Allison (6), reminded me that occasionally, we need to simplify!

I’ve been trying so hard to get her into the studio for a quick session for pictures, and today we finally made it! I had her put on a new and cute pair of jeans, she picked some music (kids bop kids) to set the mood, and we basically laughed and talked about different kinds of poop for 15 mins. If you didn’t know by now, poop talk is a great way to get genuine smiles out of just about any kid at any age! Her bright and sunny disposition really shines through here, and you get a great snapshot into her personality.

We had a blast today, and I’m pretty sure that these raw, and simple, but sweet images will be up on my wall by next week!

I’m considering offering these as mini sessions over the winter, as winter is pretty dull for most people! There’s nothing more exciting than adding some fun and fresh images of your sweet kiddos to your walls!