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Hi, I’m Breanna! I am so glad you’re here.

I’m a professional portrait photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, and first year portraits. I love the creative side of portraiture, and giving each of my clients a unique and memorable experience from start to finish.

I exceed all COVID protocols and clean and sanitize all surfaces, props and clothing between each session. I wear a mask at all times, and sanitize my hands before posing my clients.

I arrive at each client meeting, session and big reveal with a feeling of excitement and empowerment, and I hope to pass on that positivity to my clients.

My favorite things about my job:

I really enjoy building and designing sets, whether it be for newborn portraits, milestone sessions, or cake smashes. I love listening to the ideas that parents have, and building off of that inspiration. Being able to choose from an enormous amount of props really helps. When I’m designing my sets, I think about colors, textures and layers. I want the images to be interesting, and although people will always love looking at cute babies, I am always striving for my images to be one of a kind. I like to use 1-2 colors in a set, and from there, I will have a few different tones of each color. I like to add in some different texture with those same colors. It just needs to flow and make sense when looking at it.

I LOVE shopping for my business – I get so excited when new dresses, or newborn props come in, and I can’t wait to use them.

I love watching my clients’ families grow, building relationships, and listening to their birth stories. I know so many new parents are stressed, and i just hope that I’m able to give them a few hours of relaxation and reassure them that they are doing an amazing job, while getting amazing images of their baby. Listening to their stories brings me back to when I was in their shoes, and I really empathize with the struggles of life with a newborn.

A bit about me outside of work:

  • I live in Rhode Island with my husband and our two kids.
  • I love the beach, the woods, and I love to travel.
  • In the summers, we spend some weeks up at our cabin in Maine. It’s right on a pond, so its really serene, and I’m forced to unplug because there isn’t any cell service, cable, or internet.
  • I find great joy in just being present with my children, and realizing how fast they are changing, and how much they have learned in such a short time.
  • Some of my greatest qualities are being compassionate and empathetic. I can totally imagine myself in someone else’s position and I think that helps my clients feel more comfortable with me. I am also very honest and laid back.
breanna marie photography west warwick ri
breanna marie photography west warwick ri


My studio is located at 270 Washington Street, West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893. It’s warm, welcoming and stocked with beautiful wraps, props and gowns for my clients to use. I love coordinating backdrops and outfits with your decor at home so your finished prints and wall art seamlessly flow with your style.

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